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Roof Damage Repair

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Home owners sometimes ask us how much of their maintenance budget should be allocated to a roof repair.

Think of a roof as an umbrella that protects your house from the rain, snow, sleet, hail and sun. When it wears thin or develops holes it can no longer do the job. On a roof, when the shingles and other materials used in the construction lose their integrity, the rest of the house is affected. The advice from a roofer is to take care of problems as soon as possible.

What happens when roof leaks are left unattended? First, you must consider that the inside of a house is not designed to handle volumes of uncontained water. When it leaks through the roof and saturates everything in its path, mold and mildew are encouraged. This leads to rotting wood that eventually collapses under its own weight. Drywall and plaster crumble and cave in. Metal components rust and break loose. The supporting structure of the house gives way and must be replaced.

Insulation that contains excess moisture becomes the breeding ground for colonies of black mold, which are toxic and potentially lethal to anyone in the house breathing the spores. The R-value of the insulation is reduced and you will notice the difference in the cost of heating and cooling your home. It’s easy to prevent the effects of water damage by having your roof inspected on a regular basis and taking care of the small repair jobs before it gets out of control.

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